Week 1: Starfruit

IMG_20180102_184146      Excuse the poor photo quality, I had purchased, taken a picture and eaten these before I decided to create a blog. 

     I wanted to start simple, just something I had to slice up and eat raw. Most fruits will probably be going this route unless it needs to be processed for some reason or another.

These weren’t bad expensive truthfully. They were about $1.49-ish each, which, sure enough isn’t the cheapest thing to buy but not outrageous. One was yellow and the other more green so I sort of figured the green one would be the least ripe of the two and it may taste different. I was just throwing out money in the produce department that day.

I looked up what all I needed to do to eat these starry bad boys. In terms of preparation, all you have to do is wash it and peel off any bits of brown you see on the edges (you can see it on the tips of the star in the picture) which turned out to be mushy parts that I’m assuming would be nasty. Slice off the ends and then slice them into stars essentially.


Hopefully better pictures coming your way.

     What I didn’t read online is that there are fairly large slimy seeds in them. At first I was trying to pick them out but found if you just stick the knife in the pocket where the seeds are they just stick out and you can grab them.

They didn’t have too much flavor honestly, but what I could taste was, well, tasty. Someone else described it as a cross between a peach and an apple and that sounds pretty spot on so I’m going to steal it. The texture is slightly peach-ish where the taste is like a really mild apple. The two different colors thing though I don’t think really mattered in the end. I threw them all in one bowl and couldn’t really tell a huge difference in either one.

I don’t think I’d really seek these out again, they were good but I don’t see myself in the future saying, “Man, I could really go for a starfruit.” Now, if I had a boozy drink that needs a nice little garnish that may be a different story….

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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