Kale Chips

Y’all are lucky you get pictures of these. I’ve seen so many blogs and posts from these super healthy moms and how they have a hard time with their self control around these and I would always laugh. “No self control over kale chips? Have you never eaten tacos?” I thought to myself.

I ate all of them.

I have no self control.

I feel no shame.

I may not make them again because I will eat them. They might be baked leaves but man they do crisp up tasty. Unfortunately the instant I got done making them I was called into work so when I came home (after hastily putting them away so wandering dogs don’t get into them) they lost their crispiness.


I used the three different kales discussed in the introduction post from earlier this week and I have to say I think I’m getting the hang of chopping these up. I tried the fold over method of taking them off the stem. I left some leaf on there still, because I’m not a professional, but it does cut the job in half. After cutting up one bundle though I realized I can just rip the leaves off faster. So, roll those leaves and slice if you just want to be “correct.”


I don’t really have any recipes to credit since everyone on the internet has their own kale chip recipe it seems. I will say I was mainly inspired by GimmeSomeOven’s salt and vinegar kale chip recipe. Salt and vinegar chips are my default choice in potato chips so I wanted to make sure the kale goes down easy disguised as something I love.


I used the lacinto kale, which was the super tall, broad leafed kale for the salt and vinegar chips. The red kale was the basic oil and salt variety while green kale got a dash of garlic powder. I couldn’t tell a difference in tastes when it came to the leaves, they were all essentially covered in seasonings to drown out the kale flavor so there may have been some minute differences my not-delicate-at-all palate didn’t pick up on.


I think it would be fun to experiment with flavors that you already enjoy with these bad boys. The basic guideline is one bundle of kale, one tablespoon oil and season with what you got. This was the first bit of kale I got Robby to try and he wasn’t too thrilled. He didn’t immediately make a face or say it was bad or anything, just neutral. The dogs, however, still think kale is a toy to roll all over.


So, this post was intended for the Thursday/Friday area but my job had other plans so this is what you get when you get it. My intentions are to conclude each week with a final thought on the highlighted fruit or veggie and the next day will be an immediate introduction to the next week’s produce pick.

But you still have time to go out and buy a bundle of kale, cut it up and make it into chips, so get out there!


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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