Kale conclusion

Kale has held the spotlight for the past few years and it is slightly crazy that I have yet to try any of it. I always imagined it would taste bitter and be difficult to digest. With each recipe I’ve actually been nibbling on little bits of the leaves that have fallen off and found, when raw, it tastes slightly grassy and definitely chewy.


I also worried about absolutely hating it. When we were buying it I thought to myself, “what if I throw up every time I ate it but I’ve already committed to eating it all week so now I have to write posts about how much I barf.”

I am also super aware that kale is not exactly an exotic fruit or vegetable and that for those reading it who want to know about rare treats will have to wait. I’ve got a whole list of what all to try and it includes quite a few things I’m sure the majority of people have never tried. I will say though, that I see people in the stores, in their kitchens and hear what they eat and I know how many people regularly eat something like kale.

Not many.

We inhabit this world with people who refuse to eat vegetables, and are willing to try anything once and consider that one sample their healthy deed for the day, which is nonsense.


So, next time at the store, consider kale. It doesn’t have to be the star of a dish. It can be thrown in with some pasta and protein that you usually serve up as just pasta and protein. Try the chips because you already have the rest of the ingredients in your kitchen. Believe me, I know they are not as tasty as regular chips, but they’re still good. If you have to ease into liking kale, do it.

My parents always told me to try things, and that if I didn’t like something, I didn’t have to eat it. I definitely agree with that to an extent because I think you should try something in many forms, not just the one. It would be like trying raw chicken compared to roast chicken. You are definitely not going to like one of them.

I sincerely appreciate you all sticking around this “first” week and I am excited to introduce the new pick tomorrow. Get out there and try new things!

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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