Leeks Conclusion

Leeks are onions. Leeks are massive green onions that are fairly iconic. They could probably replace regular onions in many things if you’re wanting a fresher taste. White and yellow onions always remind me of stews, soups, roasts and other winter-y dishes. If you want to taste the garden and remind yourself that sunshine is around grab a leek. Particularly if, like me, you love green onions.


Would I buy them again? I think so, as mentioned in previous posts, I want to revisit them in the warmer months and possibly grill them over a real fire or make a stock out of their fibrous leaves. You have to be sure you’re preparing them correctly though in terms of cutting and cleaning them. The bag I bought them in was left alone for a night and there was dirty water sitting in the bottom of it when I came back to them.

Leeks 1.jpg

You can slightly see in the picture above there is a splash of water on the table that came off of them and there’s dirt or sand all in it because I hadn’t washed them yet. Basically, you have to treat your leeks right and they will treat you right with delicious onion flavor that sits between a green and white onion. I had read a few people considered them having a garlic taste to them but I did not experience that at all.

I just want to say that I know it is only two “real” weeks in (starfruit deserves a better post, I know) and I appreciate all of y’all. This week I received the most suggestions and recipe recommendations and I am extremely excited that y’all are as into this as I am. I hope to stay on track with all of the posts and keep bringing fruits and vegetables that, while they may not be the most exotic, you haven’t really worked with or tried yet. Thank you in short.

For all of you adventurous produce eaters though, don’t you worry. Stick around here and we’ll try some of the weird stuff. Hang around though while we explore the new-to-me stuff and we still have 49 weeks to go so keep an eye here and go try new things!


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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