Week 4 Mangoes

Ok, I know a ton of y’all just let your jaws hit the floor.

“Mango?” you say, incredulous that my adventurous eating blog has has turned its attention toward a fruit most kids nowadays eat as a toddler.


Yes, mango it is! We were getting mainly vegetables lately and while my vegetable list may be significantly longer than the fruit list, I know most people would rather eat an apple than cabbage, including myself. I have never had a problem trying new fruit. I vaguely remember my parents buying a mango a long, long time ago and I don’t think I got to try it. Either I forgot we had it or just didn’t even think about trying it.

I want you to think though, how many of you actually choose a mango each time you go to the store? I’m telling you, not many do.


Now, with the fruits on this blog not many need to be cooked before they can be eaten unlike quite a few vegetables. I’m still going to include two ways of preparation but it’ll be more loosey goosey. I was sampling the mangoes as I was taking photos and they are tasty. I have had drinks with mango flavoring or little candies that may have a small bit of mango mixed in but the real fresh deal is amazing.


For some reason I got a super tiny hint of pine smell when eating it, does anybody else get that? The texture is the amazing part though, it’s almost like a creamy solid texture that melts in your mouth. I can see why people blend mangoes into smoothies and stuff like that.

I’m super excited to try these out this week. I’m going to be 100% honest with you all, the main reason I chose mangoes this week, besides the obvious inexperience I have with them, is that they are ten for $10 at the store. I couldn’t pass that up. We also finally got some snow and ice and I need a taste of something more tropical.


I absolutely love that you can just scoop out the good stuff and eat it. There is a huge seed in the middle that is conveniently flat that you have to slice around. The first one I cut I was disappointed to be losing that much mango meat around the seed so I attempted to peel some off.

It is a pain, don’t do it.

You just cut two “cheeks” off of the seed and treat that part like an avocado. The skin looks like it would be like a pear to just bite in and eat but I read that it can cause an allergic reaction in a majority of people so I didn’t want to risk it, so, y’all shouldn’t risk it either. Just eat the insides and slice off as much as you can get.

I hope y’all get a chance to pick up some mangoes this week and pretend we’re in the middle of July rather than January. We’re going to think of islands this week as we explore what to do with these things.



Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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