Parsnips Conclusion

I may have struggled at first to enjoy parsnips but I think I’ve turned a corner with them. I may have to just keep making them to try and incorporate them into more meals. I think I just may not be a root vegetable kind of person. Although after I posted about the hash I actually took it out of the fridge and fried an egg then ate them with the runny yolk all over them and they were to die for. I am currently debating whether or not to make some for lunch.



I’ll admit that I’m envious of those who can eat parsnips plain or by themselves. I feel like I can get the appeal but it just doesn’t speak to me specifically. That’s the great thing about this though, I’d try these once and place judgment on them from the one taste. I keep these on the brain all week and try them a completely different way if I didn’t enjoy it the first time.



With winter hanging around for six more weeks according to the meteorologist rodent there will probably be more root vegetables coming up. I feel like I’ve been disparaging these poor things left and right but please try them and see for yourself because it seems like more people like them than not. They are a good source of fiber and folate which is beneficial to pregnant women and helps decrease the risk of other maladies.


Ok, look, I didn’t sign onto this to become a vegetable salesperson. I can’t make parsnips sound amazing and the best. I had to doctor them up to enjoy them and there is no shame in that. I could have easily given up on them, written a second post on how much I dislike them and gone on to the next vegetable. I think that is definitely an important thing to keep in mind when trying new things.

First month is up though and we’re already starting February. Keep in mind we got 47 more weeks to go and a full list of produce to eat. I hope you all get to try some more with me and form your own opinions on them and maybe include something new in your weekly grocery trips.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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