Week 6 Fennel

Week 6! We are in the thick of it now. I’m telling you that I know this is not purchased as often as you think it is. I don’t know if we ever had it growing up either and my parents love vegetables. Well, anyway, let’s talk about fennel.


When I was buying it we talked about how it’s used in sausage (or at least the seeds are) and I’m wondering if it will taste somewhat like that. Most people say fennel reminds them of licorice, and I don’t know if y’all have taste buds or not, but licorice is awful.

People who like licorice are rare so maybe that’s why fennel isn’t purchased as often as other vegetables? Because, man…licorice ugh, sorry if I have offended three of you.


Most people just use the bulb of fennel and save the stalks for garnishing. Or maybe they eat them, I’m not sure, I’m not exactly a scientist. After typing that up I had to look around a little bit though, but the fronds attached to the stalks can be used as herbs, but I wonder if that is where the licorice taste is?



Ok, I had to stop guessing at research and I’m actually going to reference this post. Fennel seems pretty easy to pick out at the store, just something that doesn’t look rotten or bruised. However, they suggested storing the bulb away from the stalks but I can’t really find anything on why you should. Picking out a good one seems easy, it seems that keeping it takes more expertise though since they have to be used a few days after purchase.


I bought these last night and they have very very slight brown on there since I shoved two per bag in the fridge overnight. I guess I need to be more gentle with these since my crisper is full of other vegetables. That’s not a backdoor brag, I promise, it’s just iceberg lettuce and broccoli, nothing exciting there.

I feel like I got the preparations backwards for parsnips last time. Although, in my defense, I didn’t like the first attempt at them so I had to take a step back. I guess I’m going to try the bulb and the stalks since both are edible but I may just double up on them in the posts. I’m nervous that they will definitely taste like licorice and I will have to just write a PSA on how much I dislike licorice and everybody else should too. As if this post hasn’t already served that purpose.

I will say I am going to try these raw and I am going to try these cooked since they are edible either way and I’ve found an even number of recipes where they’re used both ways. I hope y’all are excited and get to pick you out some from the store. If the cashier has trouble finding the code for it, it might be under anise which is actually a different thing but sometimes means the same thing? Weird produce fact I guess, but go buy some and let’s try some fennel!


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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