Week 8 Plantains


This post has been update from a previous shorter post.

Plantains are just not that attractive. For the longest time I thought most stores had trouble getting good plantains in because I thought you follow the same process as choosing a banana. I’d see black plantains and think, “why is nobody throwing away those rotten things?” Well, as you can guess those rotten things are perfectly fine. When you go out to buy some plantains this week you want to lean more towards the yellow and black variety. I’ve only seen green at one store but those are usually only good to be made into plantain chips.


Plantains are essentially a tougher banana. You don’t want to eat them raw because they’ll taste bitter but I’ve heard that I shouldn’t expect just a banana flavor. They don’t peel like a banana either because the skin is so thick on them. You have to actually slice the peel off of them.

That is one tough banana. Ok, I won’t make jokes like that all week.

I’m keeping it pretty simple this week with these, I think the only think y’all will need to buy to be able to try what I’m trying are the plantains themselves. I was not feeling 100% when I went shopping so I didn’t see the sign but when I scanned them a bag of three cost .69 cents. I thought that was fairly cheap considering they’re unique and huge and I had two bags so now I’m wondering if I swindled the store out of money. Don’t blame me, I didn’t feel well.


I’m going to be up front with you all, and not just for the attention. This is my birthday week and I was hoping it would land on a fruit week so I’m trying to make the most delicious stuff.


You can see on this one it still has a little bit of green on the end so I may use it towards the end of the week. I’ll keep ya posted on its status.

The weather has been pretty non-wintery lately here as well so I’m hoping it stays that way and I can pretend it’s summer and I’m just going to snack on this Caribbean staple.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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