Plantains Conclusion

Plantains were a treat. They were honestly just a delight to work with, eat and share. I keep saying they are basically huge bananas, and they are, but they aren’t, but they are. If you’re just wanting a raw banana as a snack, you may not like these but if you are wanting some banana flavor that can withstand the heat of a stove or oven you’re going to want to pick up some plantains.


During the birthday festivities of the week I scored some ice cream and paired it up with the baked plantains from earlier and they were fantastic together. Just plain vanilla ice cream with the cinnamon-y banana goodness of a plantain.

I will admit that I am disappointed that they aren’t as sweet as bananas and mushy but they really are something to try on their own.

Plantains 6.jpg

I honestly don’t have much else to say about plantains. I like the idea that you can eat them as a side dish in a regular old dinner. You don’t always hear about people eating fruit with dinner. You see them at breakfast with a bowl full or grab some as a snack but not usually as their own thing. The supposed healthy plate is divided into three things usually with a protein (usually meat), a carbohydrate (usually potatoes or pasta) and a vegetable (a veggie).


In my research the ripeness of the plantain determines its usage. I could only find yellow ones turning black which are the good medium for any application but the green ones can be used like you would a potato apparently. Maybe we can put a pin on that notion and just stick with our sweet treats this past week.



Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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