Week 9 Celeriac

No, these aren’t from Madam Pomfrey’s garden, but they are some ugly looking things. I actually had to put in a little bit of an effort to find these. They weren’t available at my usual store so I had to go out towards the ritzy part of town and get them at the fancy store. For about $2.99 I got about 2.5 pounds worth of celery root, or celeriac, which isn’t too bad for a store that is definitely not the cheapest place to shop every week.


I desperately wish that I could somehow pump the smell of this into each and every one of your faces because it smells amazing. I’m typing this up after taking the pictures and I can’t stop smelling my hands. It’s basically a strong celery smell, but way more fragrant. It is super weird to hold this bulbous little knob of roots and it smells like a crisp, green stalk of celery. In my research though I found out that this isn’t actually the root of the celery we get at the store. This is is the same family but celeriac is actually a different kind that is grown and harvested just for its roots.

Yes. We are doing yet another root vegetable. I am so excited to eat this one though. I think this could be the redemption root.


In terms of preparing them they look like they would have some weird kind of layering system like onions or fennel but I think they will be solid like a potato or turnip. Can’t wait to peel and chop some of these up and see for myself.

I’ve been trying my best to stay as seasonal as possible to make it easy on the wallet and easy to find things in the store. Plus its always a good thing to buy things in season and take advantage of what is offered. Unfortunately these are more of a fall vegetable and now I feel horrible even though I bought them at the fancy organic store.


I may have gone into the store with absolutely no planned recipes or no clue how many I actually need, just that I needed celeriac. I am hoping that I have enough to last me for whatever I decide to do with them this week. I also hope that I am calling them the correct thing because celeriac and celery root seem to be pretty interchangeable. I also hope that I enjoy these.

I’m pretty pumped in general to be having these honestly. I also hope that y’all are getting a chance to try these as well. I want to say that I appreciate everyone who has been keeping up with this blog and I guarantee more content and variety will be coming in time. I’m having a ball finding new things to try and cooking them up to see how they taste. I am still taking suggestions for anything new and hopefully where I might be able to procure them so drop a line! In the meantime, get out there and try something new!


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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