Celeriac and Potato Hash

Listen, I know what you’re thinking, “another hash?” I’m taking my vegetable curiosity elsewhere.” I am right there with you truthfully, because this was not meant to be a hash.

In my quest to try and keep some variety in the recipes I stumbled upon this recipe from a very well known chef and overall crafty person. I had seen the “Good Eats” episode from Alton Brown on how to make a rosti. It is basically a huge hash brown by the looks of it. I have actually never eaten one, to this day. What it is traditionally is shredded potato that you get nice and crispy in some oil and you essentially end up with a crispy potato cake.


It did not work out that way if you could guess. I got to the part where you have to flip the rosti over to crisp up the other side only to find it was past time to flip and I had burnt potatoes all over the bottom of the pan. Whatever, when life tries to hand you a rosti, drop it and make a hash.


If you feel up to the challenge of this recipe though, take note that this is not a casual Tuesday dish. This is a weekend event because your forearms are going to get a workout and you will want to take a break after shredding everything. After struggling to get the celeriac shredded and not lose my skin, shredding the potatoes felt like I was grating butter. My hands have never been this tired before in my life. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow with abs in the palm of my hand. Try not to dwell too much on that image.

The celeriac itself smelled great when I was trimming it and it actually changed from a strong celery smell to almost a herb kind of smell, not sure which one. It definitely smelled green although I was holding a knobby little root.


After I salvaged what I could of the failed inversion of the rosti I seasoned it with salt and pepper and just kept trying to get a bit of a crispiness but it still sort of turned to mush. I was definitely a bit disappointed with trying to find the celeriac in this. I was basically eating something from a fancy Waffle House, which I love but not what this blog is about. I guess the rosti would have been the same way where I would only mainly taste potatoes and just tell everyone the celeriac is in there to sound ritzy.

Upon my disappointment of not really tasting the celeriac I realized I still had a whole pan of hash leftover and needed to do something with it. Thinking back to my parsnip days I did what any normal human should do when faced with excess hash.


Put an egg on it.


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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