Week 10 Radishes

We are celebrating double digits! We have made it to week 10! I thought I would totally give up 3 weeks in, since that is my usual quitting time when it comes to new things. The grass is getting greener, blossoms are on the trees and the daffodils are popping up everywhere. This week we are celebrating the arrival of spring-y things (without it being actual spring) with radishes.


These can be found in any grocery store and sold in the bundles since they’re so tiny. I don’t think some places charge by the pound, but I’ve only seen them sold by quantity. They’re pretty cheap and are just these little bite size things with a peppery odor to them.

I have probably had super tiny tastes of radishes, never really a whole thing. They’ve probably mostly popped up in salads and mainly served raw. I really like how they look though, they just remind me so much of gardening. It probably has something to do with the bright red colors, turnips did me the same way if you remember right.


I just now realized that I’ve only seen anyone eat the leaves of the radish and after a quick search they are totally edible. They can be eaten raw or cooked with other things kind of like spinach. I’m now super excited to try both, kind of like a buy one get one free special.


I feel I should also say for the month of March, my brother and I are attempting to undergo Whole30. If you haven’t heard of it here is the website but we basically can’t have processed foods, sugars or dairy and some other items and instead focuses on minimally processed foods. It’s the kind of thing that works pretty well when you have a blog about fruits and vegetables. Before we started it I actually had a marathon session of cooking and photographing the fruits and vegetables that may interfere with the Whole30.

Either way, just giving you a heads up I may mention it a time or two in the next few since I haven’t actually written the posts for said marathon cooking session. However, I will say the whole week of radishes will be Whole30 compliant if you’re weird like me and want to know. Anyways, get excited for the next 7 days because we only have 42 more weeks left!

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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