Pickled Radishes

I’m in a bit of a pickle y’all.

Oh my God, I promised I wouldn’t be that kind of writer, but here I am.

I am going to spare you the 500 or so words I write and tell you that I did not like the way these turned out.


I will admit that I don’t believe it to be the radish’s fault. These are from a website that I don’t want to link because I don’t want them to think that I’m bashing their recipe, I’m not. If you find this somehow, I promise I’m going to try again and hopefully get to write more on this. I need a re-do week apparently. I have been thinking about parsnips lately…

Anyway, this is an easy thing to do and I messed it up by skimping on the garlic I believe. I purchased some fresh garlic so I can get the nice cloves to crush and throw into the jar with the vinegar. The kicker about pickling things is that you have to wait a few days to let it soak up the vinegary goodness. However, I had some garlic leftover so I used it in a few meal prep things I was using and I knew I would not be a fan of these instantly.


I love garlic, I truly do! However this had a stronger sulfur smell if you know what I’m saying. Garlic contains sulfur compounds but I’m talking about someone roll the window down sulfur smell. Imagine being excited to see how these turned out after letting them sit a few days to get a big inhale of that smell.

I had never pickled anything either, just eaten everyone else’s pickled apples, cucumbers, onions and green beans and hoard the jars all to myself. This could be a case of the amateur messing something up, but I mainly blame the garlic.


The wild thing to me was that after two days the vinegar was a pink-ish red color from hanging onto the radishes. I got worried that maybe I was sold some fake radishes and that they were just baby turnips all along (not really, don’t judge) but apparently radish dye is a pretty popular natural food coloring, some even using it for their Easter eggs.


You can see up there that the radishes themselves couldn’t block the dye from working its magic on the white inside. It looked like I was about to eat a piece of weird candy that smells like a pickled sausage. I did try them though and I feel I should leave a disclaimer that they weren’t entirely awful. I don’t think I’ll finish the jar though (the whole mix probably cost me about $3) because the smell alone seemed to permeate and not really taste the radish as much as I wanted. I could taste something not as vinegary and I’m pretty sure it was radish but I wasn’t sure.

I have a backup plan to go into effect on Thursday though, so fear not. If you want to try this you may want to try pickling something more normal first or make sure all your ingredients are top notch. Better than not trying at all, right?

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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