Raw Radish

I am so pleased right now. You all have no idea how happy I am over a radish. I had a plan for part two, I even told you in the first radish post that I had a backup plan and that was in addition to the other plan. I had too many plans, long story short, on how to cook these or prepare them. It was when I chopped them off the stems it just hit me.

Just take a bite.


They are so little and crisp and I couldn’t help it. I ate a slice and enjoyed it. I ate another and enjoyed it as well. I didn’t have to think of some kind of dish where I try to make the radish taste as radish-y as possible. Just eat the dang radish. I did and I loved it.

I think with the stint of root vegetables there I knew I had to make them less tough so I had to cook them and mix them with other things and let their flavors get toned down. It just isn’t in the spirit of trying new vegetables to make them taste like something else all the time. For that, I apologize. Sure, I have had some tasty things come out of the second half of the week but they all sort of tasted similar to weeks past.


Anyway, back to the radish. I do remember trying a nibble when I was a kid and not liking it. I was used to broccoli, carrots or celery raw and the radish was too much for my young palate. It was a nice, peppy bite and crisp like a carrot but not as sweet. I had heard over and over after telling people I’m eating radishes this week that they just eat them raw. People just want their radishes raw, sometimes in a salad, but never boiled, steamed, roasted or grilled, which I do wonder how that would turn out.

I honestly plan on buying more radishes next grocery trip, not even because I got them for 99 cents for a bundle, but I want to throw them in with my usual raw veggie lineup.


I did eat most of these by themselves but I also used some of the Whole30 Sunshine Sauce to dip them in (a sunbutter/coconut milk mixture that’s unique but addictive) and I had to stop myself. They are like little crisp morsels and the child of carrots and celery that was grown with pepper in the soil so it just has a faint peppery flavor. I’m typing this up and I want to eat more but I’m not hungry. I’m coming for them next snack break though. I fully endorse everyone going out today and buying a radish to eat as is and letting me know what they think.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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