Radishes Conclusion

I feel like the header image perfectly sums up how I feel about radishes now. They are now bathed in golden light in my brain. I can’t tell you all how disappointed I was that the pickled radishes did not turn out tasty whatsoever. I had every intention of trying them again until I took a crisp bite out of an untouched radish and resolved to never unjustly treat a radish again. They are perfect as is and don’t need anybody messing with their flavor.


Ok, I might just be silly, but I really am excited to discover how much I like these. I feel like for weeks I’ve been eating things I like but wouldn’t seek out again. Yes, I’ve tried them, and that is nice, but I want to add more to my usual veggie repertoire, or vegitoire if you will. Everyone has their usual go to produce buys at the store and this will be showing up more on the list. I was so glad to be buying kale more often in the beginning and that is what I am after with this endeavor.


So I’ve been on this Whole30 thing for ten days now and I think eliminating a ton of the artificial ingredients from things has really helped my taste buds. Sometimes it is hard to eat a box of cheese puffs then turn around and really try to get a good representation of a little fruit or vegetable. I haven’t been bombarded with tons of ingredients that I don’t recognize and maybe that is why I love these little guys so much. I don’t want to turn this in to a Whole30 endorsement blog, but I do feel that you guys should know what’s going on in my kitchen lately.


Only thing I regret, and it really just now hit me, that I didn’t try the greens attached to the radish. I have all kinds of salad mixtures in my fridge and it didn’t occur to me to chop up the tops and throw them in there. If I were to revisit the radishes again, I would definitely give the greens a taste test.

Although the first half started rocky, I feel this was a successful week for Try52! I gained a new favorite to add to my lineup and learned to not try to pickle unless you know what you’re doing. This is why we try new things folks.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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