Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

I had every intention of making the first entry this week raw dragon fruit but I had too much fun putting together this smoothie bowl. Yes, a bowl.

I scoured the internet in search of an answer as to what is the difference between a regular smoothie and a smoothie bowl.

It is literally just a smoothie in a bowl, but you can add nice toppings which I am always in favor of doing. I want to just get toppings whenever we get frozen yogurt.

smoothie 5.jpg

Thank God for coconut milk. I have always love coconut, and used to get my parents to buy a whole one from the store fairly often and I could eat it over the course of a few days by myself. Anything coconut and I am sold, even shampoo. Man, I love coconut, sorry to go on that pro coconut tangent but you should buy more coconut.

I didn’t measure anything for this or even follow a recipe. I used to make smoothies all the time and remembered there is a fruit element, dairy, ice and whatever else you want in there, ninety-percent of the time a banana is involved. I chopped up a dragon fruit and put it in the freezer for a little bit as well as two bananas. I didn’t want it to be too watery so I didn’t add any extra ice and instead heavy poured on the coconut milk from a can.

smoothie 4.jpg

Dragon fruit stains. I have been immediately rinsing my knife, cutting board and hands after each slice I make but the staining power is too strong with this one. I did so good with the rinsing though up until the end when I was cleaning up and putting some extra dragon fruit into a container for the freezer and it got on my shirt so now I will never get to wear it again in public. I may need to invest in an apron.

smoothie 3.jpg

Anyway, the dragon fruit itself has little bitty seeds you can see in the picture above, but they really don’t get in the way. They are a little less noticeable than a blackberry seed when you’re chewing  but they remind me of chia seeds. The fruit flesh scoops out extremely easy and you can scrape it out like an avocado. Dragon fruit looks intimidating but is actually super easy to deal with.

Smoothie 1.jpg

It came out thick like a smoothie, but putting it in a bowl was still a new concept to me, but like this website implies, I’m willing to try it. I shaved some coconut on the side, added pumpkin seeds, and threw in some chia seeds because we could all use a little chia. I didn’t mix it up but just tried to get a bite of everything and it may just be that I haven’t had anything sweet in a while but I’m pretty sure this is what the gods of Mount Olympus eat. It was tasty, sweet, and made me feel like I’m eating healthy but actually just eating a ton of fruit in one sitting. Unfortunately I did not eat it all due to the Whole30 thing but the bites I had were fantastic and I think everyone should pour their smoothies in bowls and add fun toppings now. Stop reading this and go try it now!


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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