Dragon Fruit Conclusion

I am so glad I got a chance to try dragon fruit. I spit out the first three bites into the sink thinking I could enjoy it raw, but I’m glad I got the experience. I may have overreacted since it doesn’t necessarily taste bad, it just doesn’t taste like anything.

The smoothie on the other hand will definitely be made again once I acquire more bananas. It is mostly a banana flavored smoothie but the texture is really interesting and makes me want more.

Conclusion 1.jpg

I wonder if most people go crazy for the texture of dragon fruit or the fact that it photographs so easy. It is perfect fodder for a Snapchat story or food blog, so I am very much guilty of probably putting it on a higher pedestal than it should be. I’m sure there are plenty of health benefits to dragon fruit but are they worth the $5.98 for about a cup and a half worth of fruit? Not really, and that is my humble and lower middle-class budget opinion.

Conclusion 2.jpg

That’s the great thing about this site, not to toot my own horn, because I wouldn’t have a reason to try dragon fruit. I would buy it, cut into it and immediately get grossed out and think that dragon fruit is the worst. Giving it a second chance wouldn’t cross my mind and I wouldn’t have made myself really reflect on the experience itself.

That last part may be a stretch, but it applies to all new things you try. Sudden judgments help nobody, you have to ruminate on things big and small because opinions change ever so slightly, especially when presented with new information, or in this case, new recipes.

COnclusion 3.jpg

I am over the moon with the responses I’ve received this week and I just want to thank you all again for reading. I’ve set up an Instagram account simply called try52 so search for it and add us! That way you can see previews of the new posts during your routine social media scrawl. I’ve also added a Follow button on the home page to make it easier to follow! If you’re not a WordPress member, just fill in your e-mail address and you’ll get an e-mail whenever I post. Get a notification in the morning, go to the store that afternoon, try a new fruit or vegetable that evening. Great routine to try, right?

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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