Week 13 Rutabaga

You think I would learn with root vegetables, but I just keep coming back to them, don’t I? Someone once tried to tell me though that a turnip and rutabaga are the same thing. I can see the resemblance but she failed to convince me that they are the same. I believe I have convinced myself that these are actually some tasty root vegetables.

You see, I am writing this from the past, at a time before my Whole30 journey where I was allowed to have all kinds of ingredients I knew I would need to make another root vegetable taste good. I always like to plan ahead and I’m glad I did for this one. I could not imagine eating these just as is, but I salute anyone who does.

Rutabaga 2.jpg

Ok, I will admit, these look like just older and wrinkled turnips, they even have the purple gradient thing going on that I really liked about turnips. They smelled like turnips, looked like turnips and in the same family as turnips but they have a lighter taste than the bite of a regular turnip.

Rutabaga 8.jpg

Rutabagas are supposedly a cross between turnips and cabbage which most people will gladly eat cabbage before they will turnips I do so believe, and would love to prove by asking people on the street. Think Family Feud mixed with Good Eats and I think I have a show to pitch, goodbye blogging world!

Rutabaga 5.jpg

Just kidding, I need to tell you all about the fruits and vegetables I eat. I like to think of this as Instagram gone too far, but I’m having fun so you all should just join in and have fun too and try new foods. Go on, go buy some rutabagas and get back to me!

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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