Fiddleheads Conclusion

I feel I haven’t quite done fiddleheads justice, or at least really talked too much on their taste. Alas, I have been trying to hide behind a wall of pretty pictures for I must admit.

I don’t like fiddleheads.

They are gorgeous and I want to like them. I want them to be my new radish or something I tell people, “you have really got to try these.” Unfortunately, they are going to be something I tell people they can miss.


I want to be clear though that I’m not hosting a vegetable review site where everything gets a thumbs up/down or some kind of star rating. I’m trying these new things for me and how they could possibly incorporate into my life. Fiddleheads are just something a bit out of reach since they have such a short season, aren’t available in my area and are fairly expensive online.


Taste-wise, they just weren’t absolutely delicious. I’m not even sure they could be an acquired taste. The tart was awesome due to the cheese and phyllo dough but you could really tell a difference in the sauteed fiddleheads. They just didn’t have a pleasant taste and, like I’ve mentioned a few times, I desperately wanted them to taste like asparagus.

They sure are pretty though.


I need to stop fixating on what I think things are going to taste like, and try to be more open to whatever comes my way. Sometimes it is slightly difficult to rid your mind of all preconceived notions and communicate that thought to your tongue, but I guess I’ll try.

I can do that or just keep trying stuff and tell y’all what I think about it. We’re getting into spring months finally and I am about to get my herb garden rolling and maybe sneak in a neat new veggie or two, we shall see. Anyone going to try gardening this spring? Who all is still trying new fruits and veggies? This train is still rolling, so let’s keep going!

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

2 thoughts

  1. Olivia, you sound just like your mother! Yes, they sure were pretty! Keep going with your experiments..very interesting!


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