Prickly Pears Conclusion

We got another dragon fruit here. We don’t have a slice ’em up and eat them fresh off the cactus fruit here, but another textural addition for recipes. Not as strong a flavor as dragon fruit but nothing really there to make me see “prickly pear” written on a menu and go crazy insisting everyone try it.


Preparing them was a pretty interesting experience though. I haven’t really had anything yet I’ve had to peel like this. Their size makes it feel like you’re peeling a weird little orange but the flesh inside is the same kind of texture as a watermelon.


Tasty? Nope. I saw so many uses for the juice when looking for recipes and while I didn’t have time to make jams, cheesecakes, or ice cream I’m sure it isn’t awful. Maybe the trick is to sprinkle some sugar on or honey to maybe sweeten it up a bit. I’m always hesitant to add anything to a raw fruit or vegetable though because I want to enjoy it just as it is.

P1010772.JPGI hate that I wasn’t too impressed by these, and it definitely isn’t the first time on this blog I have been underwhelmed. You can’t try new things and expect everything to be fantastic though so this is a learning experience for sure. I just want another radish in my life (I bought a bag for fifty cents at Aldi yesterday!) but I’m still excited if it means I’ll get a few parsnips first.


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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