Week 17 Rhubarb

I am all about some new things this week. This is the first fresh post since I’ve been working through my pre-Whole30 binge of pictures and recipes to post here. The weather is finally crawling into the upper 60’s. I can eat whatever I want and whenever I want, whether or not I should. May is almost here and I got a pound of some elusive rhubarb stalks.


Well, rhubarb isn’t actually that elusive, but it was difficult to find it in stores. I saw it in one but didn’t have time to pick it up and couldn’t find it at my usual stops on grocery day. Rhubarb seems to be hit and miss and almost random chance to find it on shelves around this time of year. Just keep an eye out for some long red celery and you’ll be in the right place.


For some reason rhubarb has always eluded me, and it sounds like one of those things that people from older generations tend to deal with. You never hear reports of millenials unable to buy homes because of rhubarb toast, but maybe we could change that.

The stalks I bought are massive. Kale, leeks and fennel have probably been the most cumbersome produce to deal with in my fridge but these take the cake in terms of length. A few of the stalks are the length of my arm. Much like celery you want firm stalks that look like they are crisp and if they have leaves they shouldn’t be wilted. However, do not eat the leaves because they are dangerous. If you accidentally eat a bite or two of leaf you should be fine but a fair amount and you’ll be sick, even more and you’re looking at kidney damage.


I’m excited to get to the recipes. Rhubarb season is just now starting and runs through June so you have time to go out and buy a pound of it! Go on now and try something new this week.


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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