Rhubarb Crisp

I would never have known where to start if not for ThriftyJinxy.com so check out the site and look at the recipe there and see what you think!

Almost every single recipe I found for rhubarb is a baking recipe and 90% of them pair rhubarb with strawberry. When you’re running a blog where you try to highlight one ingredient a week it is difficult to justify pairing anything up with something else with a strong taste. That, and I adore strawberries and know I would put way too many in and not get a rhubarb flavor.


I treated the rhubarb stalks exactly like celery and just washed them, trimmed off the ends and sliced them into chunks to bake up soft. While I was getting them ready I managed to, literally, take a bite of one of them. I bit down but didn’t tear off a piece, just enough to pierce the skin and taste it raw.

Sour galore, it was amazing.

If you don’t like sour or tart stuff, stay out of here this week, but man if you do you need to go buy some stalks now.


The only liquid in this whole recipe is a stick of butter that you melt and mix with other dry things to create the topping. I figured the rhubarb may release some moisture and take care of the abundant flour and sugar mixed into the pan. I don’t think I used enough rhubarb for the job though and I still got some clumps of sugar or flour in a few bites.


So, yeah, of course I added ice cream to it. This is probably one of the more decadent things I have made on here. If I had it on hand, I definitely would have paired up the plantains with some ice cream, but this crisp just felt like it needed some ice cream. Wait, I don’t have to justify this decision, go put ice cream on everything.

But especially on this because the rhubarb makes you pucker and it is delicious. It isn’t often I get to make things like this for the blog and I am so pleased with the flavors. I keep saying it is sour, but it isn’t like the Warheads candy level of sour (I hope most of y’all remember those). It’s a familiar flavor and I now wonder if I have had rhubarb before but had no idea because I thought I was eating something with a strawberry flavor. Try for yourself and see what you think.


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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