Rhubarb Not Leather

So, yes, usually you would see a post on Thursday detailing what the second stage of the pick of the week would be and I was ready for it. I had a recipe, a plan, and some rhubarb and I had actually been planning on it for weeks.

Well plan didn’t work out.

I was going to make rhubarb leather, which is basically a fruit roll up. I was super excited for it too because I love that tart flavor so much. I cleaned up the dehydrator, kept researching times and everything. Even with all that planning I’m fairly certain it would have gone this route anyway.


The sauce was too thin to put on the dehydrator. It wasn’t a puree so much as a beverage. I didn’t have enough time to get more rhubarb and lightly boil them (the recipe said to turn off heat and let sit right before it starts to boil which I believe I messed up as well). So I had a food processor full of rhubarb mash and a little bit of strawberry thrown in because I wanted to try this combo everyone has talked about.

Nothing else to do with it, I froze it.


Because I am a reasonable adult woman the only ice cube trays I own are skulls and crossbones. No shame here, it makes every beverage taste better and makes your bloody Mary feel more visceral.


Actual applications for these rhubarb strawberry frozen chunks? You got yourself nice little frozen popsicle treats for a hot day. You put these in a glass of lemonade and you will probably have the most tart drink in the world, but man, it would be refreshing.

Final thoughts on the taste of strawberries and rhubarb? They are a perfect combination. You want some sweetness to go along with the tart and strawberries provide that balance. It is something citrus fruits or any berry might not be up to the task.

So maybe we will try leather another time but for now I’m going to sip on my strawberry rhubarb flavored drink and call it a day.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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