Rhubarb Conclusion

I feel as if I have not done rhubarb justice. There are so many possibilities out there and not only have I barely scratched the surface, it is like I have just held rhubarb in my hand and considered it tasted. Unfortunately, I only have 52 weeks to squeeze everything in so while I believe I have enough information to have a rhubarb month, a week will have to do.


I was going to write up how this week has been crazy but it hasn’t really. It’s just been scheduled oddly. Not enough time to really get in depth on anything and cutting it close to the wire every post.


I won’t lie, I think I’m still disappointed that the fruit leather didn’t get a chance to come to life. Oh sure, there will probably be more opportunities in the future to make fruit leather, especially on this blog, but it won’t be rhubarb. Tart, lightly sweet on the back end and seasonal rhubarb will always be near and dear to the heart.

I guess that will be the thing with most seasonal produce, once it is in you better get to eating on it and enjoying every bite. I’m going to think of rhubarb in the winter and wonder how I’m going to get my root vegetables to taste better.


I’m starting to run into some issues finding new stuff to talk about. Don’t you worry, I have a list of 52 different things to try, but finding them is proving to be more difficult and funding is always at the forefront. The next few weeks may be some stuff I’ve never tried before, but can get a pretty sweet deal on wherever I go. Maybe this can become the thrifty new produce blog, right? Never know until you try it.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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