Week 18 Spring Onions

I can give you all answers or I can give you all excuses, so I’m going to give you a little bit of both.

On the situation of me being late with this post, which usually comes on Sundays and here we are on Tuesday where I should already be typing up my second post of the week, oops. My excuses are, time got away from me, my dogs got out of the fence, one dog was sick, work was rough and I just wanted to nap most of the weekend. Straightforward answer? Please see above because they all apply and I Just flat out didn’t get to it in a timely manner.


On the situation that you are currently looking at what is essentially giant green onions? LET ME HAVE THIS. So, I truly wrestled with the idea of featuring spring onions. They get thrown in with scallions and green onions and while those two are the same thing, spring onions are slightly different.


While the shape and size is definitely different between the two, the spring onion is a different intensity of flavor both in the bulb and stalk. My precious delicious green onion on the left definitely has some catching up to do.


For the possibility of that slight difference alone I will embark on this quest of trying a spring onion. Also because I love green onions more than you know and this is like going to an onion theme park finding these.

You see, another vegetable was up this week but these caught my eye at the store and some frantic Googling on my phone lead me to buy a few bundles of them. With them being seasonal, I didn’t want to lose a chance at trying them. They also just look like they embody the new growth of spring and I just want to bottle that essence up and keep any way I can. So, let me have this not so exotic spring onion week. I can guarantee you I have never tried a spring onion, but I am a fan of its cousins, let’s find out how it holds up in the family.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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