Spring Onions Conclusion

Man, do I love onions. I’m not exactly sitting in a pile of them and eating them straight out like an apple but whenever I find a recipe that includes them I know it will at least have one tasty component. I certainly love how spring onions fit into the allum family with their cute little appearance that looks like a cartoon depiction of an onion. They taste so mild and sweet and they cook up tender and tasty.


Everybody’s first thought of warmer weather is fruity things. They want fruits that are just about to fall off the vine or branch. They are sick of root vegetables and want a taste of fresh and spring onions definitely delivers on that wish. It’s fresh, vibrant but with enough differences between it and regular green or sweet onions that make you take a bite and think how great that spring is here.


Anyway, seasonal produce is always fun to try, it is slightly exciting to walk around the produce section and see something you haven’t seen before. The spring onions look like they just came off an onion cart from some farmer the way they’re bundled up and still have the stalks attached.

Allow me to get nerdy here for a second, I used to be really into a game called Stardew Valley where you play as a farmer. Whenever the spring season rolled around, I’d find spring onions growing in the wild (anybody know if I can grow them on the farm?) and wondered why they were different from just regular onions. I’m so glad my video game experiences have prepared me for the day I saw these in the store.

Stick around though y’all, May is a fairly busy month for me with birthdays galore, Mother’s day, anniversary, graduations and other events to celebrate so posts may fall on different days, but there will most definitely be posts! Thank you so much for sticking with me for this long and let’s keep it going!

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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