Week 19 Lotus Root

I’m going to give you all an education on something I believe I have suffered from and that is trypophobia. It has phobia in there but it is more of an aversion to seeing small clusters of holes grouped into clusters. I believe this was touched on in the most current season of American Horror Story but if you have seen a lotus seedhead and cringed at the sight of it, you may have trypophobia. It is like a feeling of disgust and chills to see, but not an actual fear. It just looks gross.


So I bought the lotus root. As you can tell it has holes galore. This was something I had to face. I had to try the lotus root.

It is mainly used, from what I can tell, in Asian dishes be it Chinese or Japanese. I’ve seen it as mainly a garnish but also treated like a potato almost.


This is a first in terms of shopping as well as this was my first blog purchase from an International grocery store. I’ve bought some curry blocks and red bean cakes but this is my first venture into produce and I feel fairly proud and excited to try some of the other things I spotted when I walked in the door.


For this week though I am going to look this cluster of holes in its many eyes and devour it and show it who is the boss.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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