Lotus Root Chips

It has been a hectic week, and it is only Wednesday. While I was making these I started thinking to myself, “these smell like a root vegetable. I wonder if they are considered a root vegetable.”

Yep. Is lotus rootroot vegetable? I just need a good nap.


Anyway, so, it honestly didn’t hit me when I was buying these and researching them that they are a root vegetable. So everything I correlate to root vegetables had to come with it I’m guessing. I had to make sure I get these suckers crispy as all else.


These definitely have a root vegetable flavor, reminds me of celeriac a ton. The texture is super interesting, most root vegetables usually end up mushy on the inside but this is chewy. The chewiness isn’t a bad thing, it’s like I’m eating something fresh and green in texture but tastes like a root. I tried to slice them with different thicknesses but they all have that chewy thing going on. I like it.


These were pretty fantastic. I decided to go simple first not for any reason other than I didn’t have time to make the  big dish first. You’ll have to see it on Friday.

First impression of lotus root? Favorable. This is definitely an odd thing for a root vegetable and me, my disappointment is usually difficult to rein in but I really enjoy the lotus root. It has been a simple introduction and I’m really excited to use it in a more complex dish to see if the delightful chewiness will still be there.




Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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