Stir Fried Lotus Root

Before I go into this, I must say I saw plenty of stir fry recipes with lotus root but the ingredients list was a little bit out of reach both in location and budget so I went with a fairly basic version. I appreciate recommendations though so please never hesitate to make suggestions! I let choose this one today though so give them a look.


I’m sitting here typing this up and munching on the leftovers of this dish and I have to admit this is growing on me. When I’m unsure of what to say on a recipe, I get the pictures set up and eat on it to try and figure out. At first I wanted to say I did not like this mixture of flavors and textures at all. After a few more bites I could see the appeal of it. I think I’m currently in the, “I’m liking this camp” and digging the crunchy roots.

First things first though, I made like ten mistakes while making this. I didn’t slice the roots thinly, I didn’t have peppers, I poured too much sesame oil in the pan, and I burnt a few of the slices because the slices were disproportionate.


I hadn’t really seen another recipe call for soaking the slices in vinegar water either so I wonder if that had a hand in keeping the crispiness of the roots, or my bad slicing skills. I think it is to stave off any browning that may occur during trip from cutting board to pan though. I know you all noticed that big pile of green onions though and you know why I gravitated towards this recipe.


I finally got the spiderweb feeling I had heard about as well! When I first read about it, I expected to pull these apart to find threading like one of those Halloween spiderweb decorations. It is more like an every other bite you’ll be chewing and you can feel a very fine thread between pieces. It doesn’t really add or subtract anything from the taste or overall texture, it is just a neat little thing to experience.

Lotus root in general has been a neat little thing to experience and I wish I had more than a week to devote to it.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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