Lotus Root Conclusion

I have to admit that lotus root has been one of the more interesting vegetables. The look, the taste, the texture, even the sound of it has been different from what I’ve had so far. Did I not mention the sound? When you tap on it, it sounds like you’re tapping on a flute and I wonder if there was once musical instruments made from these.


Lotus roots come off as such a spring root vegetable. They taste fresher than a rutabaga or turnip and have more of a crunch to them you just want from seasonal produce, even though the main season is fall for lotus root. I hope to return to these and do more with them.


I have been thinking quite a bit on this blog and the future it holds. Please allow me to ramble for a moment and suggest a few things. Scheduling should resume as normal soon once work settles down. The past four weeks different people have gone on vacation which means my  work schedule changes and makes it difficult to cook, photograph and type up a post for you fine people. Vacations come with the territory of this time of the year though so it’s nothing bad, just a little different with the blog posts.


The second thing I want to discuss with you all is the possibility of a feast. We are so close to reaching the halfway point with this project and I want to celebrate like no other. I want to revisit some fruits and vegetables and give a second chance to others. I also want all of you to pick a new, to you, fruit or vegetable and bring it. How would a Try52 potluck sound? Give some feedback and we can make it so! Leave comments or suggestions and a Facebook group may just be formed soon…

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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