Radicchio Conclusion

Have you ever read the essay “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again”? It is probably one of my favorites and details a trip on a cruise. If you absolutely love cruises maybe you shouldn’t read it, but I think you should. Well, radicchio was a joy to take pictures of, prepare and cook but man I shudder when I think about how it tasted. I will probably not revisit radicchio.


Sure, if it is mixed in with a salad and other greens, I’ll keep on eating and maybe enjoy that bitter, bitter, bitter flavor. I can only hope it is covered in that delightful balsamic dressing from the grilled radicchio day. I’m pretty sure I’ll keep making it whenever I need some balsamic drizzling.


You hear me talk about stores stocking a whole basket of the weird stuff and they might sell one out of an entire crate. I guess I was the lucky one this week, but I had a little bit of an issue finding it at first. I have a ranking, which I shouldn’t divulge, of the best and worst produce sections I’ve seen. I factor in quality, variety and quantity and unfortunately the price point is moot at times if I can’t find it anywhere else. I checked my top three stores before landing at my second to worst store to find radicchio. I just think that’s an odd thing for a classy leaf.


Can you believe we are only six weeks away from being halfway through the year? I’m looking at my list and hoping I can catch some things on the shelves this spring and summer since that’s when all the good crops come in. I am always accepting recommendations and suggestions for new things to try so don’t hesitate to click on the suggestions page! And definitely thanks for keeping up!

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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