Week 22 Papaya

Here we are, Memorial Day weekend, and of course we got the cookouts, the swimming, the outdoor activities. People are out there eating hot dogs, hamburgers, apple pie and ice cream.

We got papaya.


I honestly love how neat papaya looks and all the seeds that are in the middle. When I think of tropical and exotic fruits, papaya is what I imagine. I can also admit that I actually have tried papaya in some sort of trail mix but I think it was coated in sugar and not really fruity tasting so much as just dried generic fruit.

Imagine my surprise though when I get to the store though and find two different types of papaya. Two different sizes of papaya that were obviously different but I had to try them both.


When I started this thing, I didn’t really want to devote a whole week to one very specific kind of fruit or vegetable and then another week to a very specific type of fruit or vegetable. Then I started to make a list and research what I could affordably get my hands on and realized I may have to differentiate a little bit. The only thing that set the bar for something getting its own post was that it had to have its own unique shape and not easily replaced.

I got away with spring onion because it is a special seasonal item, but I wouldn’t have a week where I try red delicious apples than another where I try fuji apples. This place would get real boring real quick.


Anyway, these two papaya are too similar to split into different weeks, and I’m not really super confident that I’ll be able to find them later in the season. Let’s get to the grub though!

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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