Hawaiian Papaya

So here is my ultimate plan for this week. I am going to eat the papayas and write about them.

No, wait, I have a better plan.

I am going to try both papayas raw but with two different serving methods. Each post will highlight one of them though and hopefully we can talk about the differences like rational adults.

Let’s eat some fruit.


So the Hawaiian papaya is the smaller of the two and looks more like a pear. It looks like you can just take a bite of it straight away but apparently eating the skin is “not advised.”  I always hesitate to search if ___ is edible, because if you try hard enough, everything is edible. You will also always have that one person who says you should always eat the bad parts of fruits and vegetables because that’s either where the nutrients are or they want your attention for eating weird things. Totally up to you about eating papaya skin.


There are little black seeds on the inside that look like peppercorns. Again, I had to search if these were edible and yes and no. In short, don’t eat them after scooping them out of the fruit. In long, you can turn them to powder and apparently improve several maladies and diseases according to the distinguished internet doctors. Please don’t take this as real medical advice.


On their own, the Hawaiian papaya are sweet and have a texture pretty much exactly like cantaloupe. They’re also super juicy and it’s not a super sweet taste like orange juice or anything like that. I saw online that people scoop it out and just eat it and sometimes put sour cream or honey in the middle. I didn’t want a sticky mess and I didn’t have sour cream so I used Greek yogurt and I think that was the better option honestly. It was incredibly refreshing and I ate the other half the same way for breakfast the next day.

Summer shall continue on as we hit up the Mexican papaya on Thursday!


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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