Mexican Papaya

So my family have always loved salt. We had the salt shaker that was nice and the one that had a better pour to it because it half melted on a stove. My mother and brother love to eat lemons sprinkled with salt. I didn’t quite get to that sour point but we love salt. Fast forward many years later when someone came to where I worked asking if we carried Tajin. It is apparently a seasoning that you put on fruit.


My mind was blown at this fact and I always wanted to try it and never could get a hold of it. Fast forward again to today when I was doing my usual shopping at Aldi and just happened to see a whole corner of a shelf dedicated to the little bottles. I am always interested in availability of some things, which sounds like the nerdiest thing to be interested in. I checked three of the major grocery stores and could not find this product. Whereas there are times I go to Aldi and I have to make a stop to get basic things they don’t carry. It is just the weirdest thing to me.


Anyway, I did try Mexican papaya without the Tajin. Compared to the Hawaiian papaya (every time I type that I want to say Hawaiian Papayan so it could rhyme) it is not as sweet. It still has that papaya flavor to it but it just isn’t as strong.


When I put the Tajin on top of it though it really helped to bring out the sweetness. I love those kind of things where you have to trick your tongue with something salty or sour to unlock something sweet. It just feels like a food riddle. I believe you may be seeing more of the Tajin on here because this stuff is great. You guys better hurry to Aldi before I buy them all.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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