Papaya Conclusion

I am pleased as punch with papaya. I can’t say I’m over the moon about papaya but I did thoroughly enjoy it. Truth be told, I think I am more apt to eating things again if I find a good way of serving them. I may enjoy radishes on their own, but I haven’t shoved them into a neat little “this is a snack” thought process. However, I one million percent guarantee I’ll eat papaya and yogurt again as well as sprinkle Tajin on every piece of fruit that comes across my counter.


I don’t want to say I like one more than the other but I think the Hawaiian papaya was sweeter than the Mexican one, and had a stronger flavor with it as well. I think the Mexican papaya is also just so big that unless I was feeding more than one person I’d go with it, but more than likely just buy extra Hawaiian ones. It is a bit like buying a whole watermelon when you really only want a slice.


Man, next week is week 23 and I never thought I would make it this far truth be told. I know this all started as a riff on New Year resolutions, but I’d love to carry on past 2018. With that being said, finding new produce, locating it and having the funds to purchase things would get a little bit ridiculous as it goes on. I am definitely loving the new produce but I also just loving doing something¬†different each week.


With that being said, 2018 will definitely be the year of the new fruit and vegetables, but 2019 and maybe beyond will hold many new things and Try52 will carry on. I will explain more closer to the end of the year but I think you will be just as interested and my wallet can take a breather on some of this new stuff.

At any rate, I truly appreciate everyone reading this! I know everyone isn’t reading every single post, and I am totally cool with that. It’s just been fun making them and I hope some of y’all have derived at least a single iota of enjoyment from scrolling around and checking things out. Thank you so much and get ready for week 23!

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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