Week 23 Napa Cabbage

Get off of my back, I have never cooked with napa cabbage. Honestly, I have never purchased a cabbage or prepared one in my life. I have made cole slaw once and it was from a bagged mix. How often do you all actually buy cabbage? These boulders were $1.47/lb and cost about $12 for two heads.


Yes, I have definitely had plenty of Asian food in my life and I have no doubt eaten plenty of napa cabbage in that span. I see it at the store though and it somehow looks appetizing, but boring for some reason. It is a weird combination I need to make peace with and hope to accomplish that this week.


These feel like they could withstand a number of methods of cooking but seem like they can also be used in the same place as lettuce. I want to put this soups and make it into salads and use it as sandwich holders instead of bread. Maybe napa cabbage will be the miracle vegetable that can be used everywhere.


There I go again pumping it up like no tomorrow. I am definitely more interested in the different methods of preparation and hope I can condense it into two solid posts for you this week. Good thing my hopes are now sky high and napa cabbage can do no wrong so far!

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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