Napa Cabbage Salad

Oh man, this is a late post I know, but I’ll make it up to y’all and make a double post today for you and talk so much about napa cabbage that you’ll never want to hear about it again. My excuse? Our internet has been down since Wednesday night and I haven’t been able to get a post going, but I have eaten almost all of the cabbage.


First off, I slightly touched on the fact that cabbage leaves are a great replacement for wraps and people make cabbage rolls which are usually just some kind of meat mixture rolled up in a cabbage leaf and there is usually some kind of sauce poured on top. I debated doing something like that, but any kind of meat filling would just overpower any cabbage flavor that would already be present.


Recipe today came after searching multiple times and several results pages but eventually from and if that sounds ritzy enough you should go check more of it out. There are so many different coleslaw recipes for napa cabbage and for some reason a ton of them have ramen noodles crushed up listed as an ingredient which I didn’t realize was such a major player in the coleslaw world.


However, this slaw has more than just cabbage, nuts and vinegar. Green onions and cilantro bring more flavor to this. We need to get back to the point of this though and this is more about napa cabbage than the slaw.

Not bad. This doesn’t really have a different taste from other cabbages but I think it does give a different texture compared to other cabbages and slaws. You get some nice pieces that give more of a crisp bite that came from the stalks of the leaves and it definitely holds up better than a lettuce. I know I put salad in the title, but this is definitely a slaw. It’s nice outside, you need some refrigerated foods so go whip up some of this coleslaw!

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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