Week 24 Beets

Ok, I need to share a special connection to these beets. As I am typing this up, a commercial is on and the song is, repeatedly, “can you feel the beat beat beat of my heart.” As soon as I bought them, I got in my car and “The Beat Goes On,” was on the radio. It was absolute destiny that I try beets this week apparently.


Know what other special connection I have to beets?

Absolutely none because I hated (maybe still do hate?) beets.

I want to love and adore beets. They have become one of the newer “it” foods lately and boast several nutritional benefits that I don’t care enough to look at because I am in attack mode.

I am ready to attack these and make them delicious.


I have never had a fresh beet so this ought to be a hoot to give them a shot. Whenever beets have been available to me it has been the cranberry jello look alike slices from the can. I would get ready to take a bite of that sweet and tart cranberry sugar mixture only to get a taste of dirt and a weird crunch.


You may have noticed that there are two different colors of beets there and I am taking the same route I did with papaya and trying a variety this week and comparing if the colors taste different. I just have two bundles and they are taking up a massive amount of space in my fridge right now. I hear that the leaves and stalks can be used as replacements for greens such as spinach and can be eaten raw so no danger there.

I hope to prove that I can overcome the bad feelings I have toward beets and enjoy this week. Let us hope and try new things.


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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