Coconut Oil Roasted Beets

Of course I didn’t come up with this brilliant recipe, so head on over to to see where this delightful thing came from.

Oh man, should I have said spoiler alert? Because these are fantastic. This is what root vegetables are supposed to taste like in my mind. The earthy flavor is not an issue whatsoever and they are just so easy to eat.


Keep in mind that if you don’t use coconut oil, it does not make your food taste like coconuts. Somedays I wish it did, but it does not and I don’t know if any other oil would make a difference but I suggest you not mess with a good thing.

Anyway, I didn’t really go over this in the golden beets post but beets are a fantastic natural dye. In that people use beets to dye their cloth and make paints and what have you. I wasn’t about to ruin my good cutting board and mess up my clothes so I used paper plates and a separate cutting board. I wish I could get a good clear photo of how awesome they look when you peel them but it reminds me of a monotone tie-dye pattern.


Let me return to gushing about how tasty these were and why I think that. So the golden beets actually had more of an earthy flavor than these and I think it had something to do with the fact that I got these a little crispy and I actually wished I had crisped them up more. The flavor of heavily toasted (burnt) beets really worked with the flavors going on in the actual beet. The only seasoning added besides the coconut oil was salt and made it an amazing snack and I’ve heard it goes great on salads.



I feel I should say that if I were a vegan I would totally confuse these with a bowl full of chopped beef jerky or something like that. So I hope nobody believed that this was a bowl of jerky.

I think that is a sign that I have nothing else to say about this. These were delicious and I need you all to try them and I am absolutely pleased as punch with the way these turned out.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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