Week 25 Lychee

Crunchy grapes might be the wrong way to describe lychee but I feel that it is the best description of what they are physically.

I have been looking for these ever since I heard a big blue box store carries them from time to time and my mother actually kept talking about trying them. I admit that I haven’t really checked the big box store with a smiley face but I have kept my eyes peeled at the specialty grocery store I’ve been going to and scouring their produce. I’m pretty sure they know me as that one girl who doesn’t know what she is buying each time.

We pass a box of oddly wrapped bags and it catches my eye.


It was spelled out “lichee” but pretty sure I got the right thing. Underneath it was a sign that said if we break it we pay double. We thought these were fragile little things but my mom explained that it is probably because they don’t want people separating the bags out. The selection process was a bit difficult to say the least since it was hard to see through the bag but I picked two that didn’t smell rotten or anything and took them home.


To my surprise they came attached with part of the branch itself! I’m not sure if this helps in any way, shape or form with keeping the flavor or juices locked in but I liked the presentation of just carrying a bundle of sticks with the fruit still attached, whether or not my storage containers can handle it.


Lychee is definitely an interesting fruit and one that most people purchase from the can, although I have no clue where you can find the canned version. I’m going to explore two possibilities this week of this awesome looking fruit and I hope you can find these somewhere and try them with me!

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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