Lychee Conclusion

Lychee has been a fairly divisive fruit this week and that is a slight bummer to be honest. I’m so glad people gave it a chance and some actually enjoyed it while others would not even consider the thought of eating one. I know the whole point of this is trying new things and convincing someone to just give something a taste is so difficult. It is literally just a few seconds of discomfort if you don’t like something, but is it worth shutting something out you may enjoy?


I thoroughly enjoyed these things. I’d love to try some that are a bit fresher but I think I may either have to go straight to the source or shell out more money than I’m willing to spend to ship some in. You have to work for these and I feel like it tastes better when you have to put in a little elbow grease much like pistachios versus shelled pistachios. It at least allows you some time to savor the one that you have.


The stuffed lychees did take more work than I realize going in, but it hit me that I wonder if they could be chopped up and made into some kind of salad, in the same way pecans and grapes can be found in chicken salad. Definitely let me know if anyone has tried anything like that.


Just want to say thanks for sticking around while I go through some busy weeks and internet-less days with late posts and I hope you all are actually trying some new things of your own. Let me know what you’ve tried new this year! Stay tuned for some other new treats.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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