Week 26 Pomegranate

Sorry for the delay folks, we are going on a trip soon so I’ve been trying to catch up and in my efforts to do so I have fallen behind. That should truly be the name of my memoir. Anyway, yes, I have picked the humble pomegranate. I know there are kids who have probably tried a pomegranate before they have tried a strawberry but I have never really worked with a fresh one. Sure, I’ve had pomegranate flavored fruit juice and even bought the cup of seeds already cleaned up and ready to be eaten, but they had actually gone bad and I had to return them. Again, story of my life.


I hope you all don’t mind another fruit straight on the heels of lychee. I mean, I guess it is too late now, so you know, sorry about that. Not only is it another fruit, but this is actually a super tedious fruit as well if you want to work with it.


As you can see above, and as most of you know, pomegranate is comprised of little juicy seeds, also called arils. Inside the tiny kernels are tinier seeds that are edible but not exactly flexible, they are pretty notorious for getting stuck in your teeth, so be careful there.


I like how unassuming pomegranates look from the outside. In my head, before I had seen the interior of one, I always thought it would be like an orange or grape on the inside. They are definitely in the running for weirdest insides in the fruit and vegetable world.

Usually, I try to make a case for why I am including something that isn’t too unique and most people have already had and may think of it as boring, but I’m not going to this time. Trying new things is different for everyone and I don’t believe you when you say you buy these all the time so go out and get some today while they’re in stores and have some pomegranate with me.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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