Week 29 Baby Bok Choy

Week 29 babies! Let’s look at these little baby bok choy (fun fact, the plural of bok choy is still bok choy. I got your number grammer nerds).

I wanted something green and tender. I’m assuming these will fulfill that craving and have the highest of hopes for these little guys. Also, these are somehow adorable when you handle them because they are like little creatures with long hair. I also want to just eat one whole as if they are some weird baby carrots.


I was going to get regular bok choy, but the store only had the baby versions so I went ahead and bought them and decided to look up the difference. Long story short, the baby bok choy sounds like the way to do because the flavors are more pronounced before they grow up big and strong. That makes sense in an odd way truthfully when you sit down and think about it. So many people gravitate toward the big fruits and vegetables but those have grown so large that sometimes the flavors are toned down because there is just so much material. It is like buying a carrot that is starting to develop a wooden texture and it tastes more dried out because of it.

I could also just be completely wrong, but that makes sense to me to get the smaller versions long as they aren’t rotten.


I definitely just went on a ramble on produce sizes, but these are the important things in life you need to pay attention to.

I’m sure most of y’all have actually had bok choy in some form of Asian cooking, and I vaguely recall eating it, but I am truly excited to cook these up and see how they turn out.


I hope you all get a chance to pick some bok choy up, I think you can just replace baby bok choy with regular if it comes down to it. It may not taste as bok choy-y but I probably have no place to make a decision on this quite yet so just go buy some and we’ll meet back here.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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