Baby Bok Choy Frittata

Before we get this show on the road, I just want to say thank you to for supplying the recipe today. I’m going to give a spoiler and say that it was delicious and you should find more delicious things on their website.

I made quite a few substitutions and an exclusion from the original recipe because Aldi didn’t have some of the things and I just didn’t think to grab others. I’m supposed to sprinkle fresh mint on top of this which I’m sure just makes this frittata an absolute delight that will make all the wives at the yacht club envious, but I just didn’t buy any. Also I used half an onion instead of shallots and actually roasted a red pepper instead of buying the jar of roasted red peppers because I didn’t even know those existed until I just happened to see it while shopping.


Anyway, the recipe calls for ribbons of chopped baby bok choy and I couldn’t really decide the best way to cut them up so I did both. Slicing them vertically really does look more elegant and pretty while chopping them horizontally doesn’t quite have the same effect. I can tell you that the horizontal method was way easier and I’m willing to put money down that it does not affect taste whatsoever.


I was sold on this recipe the minute I saw feta cheese mentioned. There could be no other frittatas in my way. This frittata is the be all end all of frittatas. I’m sitting here trying desperately to not eat another piece because we are actually eating spaghetti tonight. Life is not fair.

Anyway, the bok choy was delicious in this and I could really get a good feel of the flavor, which was very mild. It was like eating a type of cabbage that had a child with lettuce. Nothing peppery, nothing bitter, nothing even slightly sweet was coursing through these stalks and leaves. It was a pleasant experience texture wise though with its crunchy yet softened stalks.


While slicing these horizontally may be easier, I recommend slicing them vertically and getting over the difficult aspect of it. I’m one of those people who enjoy finding a nice chunk of cooked vegetable in a dish and not having something nice and neatly diced. You get a firm bite of vegetable and the other ingredients and it gives you more of an idea of how something tastes together. That’s just my preferred eating style and I’m going to assume that I am a savage for thinking so, but hopefully y’all don’t judge me too harshly on it.


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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