Okra Conclusion

I feel like this is the first pick I’ve had where it is something I eat fairly regularly and enjoy. I just never cooked it personally and now I think I have another check mark on my “Southern Chef Cooking List” beside okra.

On my “Food Blogging” list though I noticed I forgot to mention one thing.

The taste of okra.


I’m not crazy, but with okra, the taste is second. The texture comes first and that texture is slime and seeds. It has such a satisfying mouth feel (ugh, that word is the worst, why can’t scientists call it something else) that you can see why kids would continuously pop these in their mouth.

Whatever you put okra with though, it will take on that taste. I don’t think it is truly a versatile ingredient that you can be throwing it in anything because textures can work against each other, but you get the point.


I mentioned with the lotus root about a thing called trypophobia that I can totally understand and agree with. It is a fear of small clusters of holes or just really weird looking things and okra is a mild example of it. When you look at the seeds up close when you slice the pods, they do look rather disgusting. I think there is something most agreeable though when you can just destroy the cluster in your mouth. This really has nothing to do with okra, but I feel it worth mentioning in case you do have trypophobia.

One last confession though before I close the cook on okra this week. Remember when I said I wasn’t going to fry anything?


I fried them.


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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