Fried Chayote

Yes, I am back at the fryer. The salad was great and all but I wanted something more savory and maybe a little spice. I originally got a recipe from a food brand’s website, but noticed afterwards that there were a few unnecessary things to making it, including throwing cheese in the mix and I just wanted something more simple, so I made up my own mixture.


It is still pretty interesting to me how much these look like pears. I heard they are sometimes called vegetable pears because of this and I wanted to just take a bite, but after the skin peeling episode I decided to keep my distance from eating it raw so back in boiling water they go.


I kind of hate how frying vegetables gets a bad rap, and I’m sure there are definitely not as many health benefits compared to roasting or steaming, but it sure is incredibly tasty. Something about them also just screamed, “fry me” to me, maybe because they look slightly plump and that would contrast well with a crispy outside.

Look, I don’t have to justify this to you, frying things is delicious. We all know this fact.


When sliced up like this they look more like avocados and my brain started thinking what a fried avocado would taste like, which I’m sure is absolutely delicious. I mixed red pepper flakes into the flour I dipped them in, but I think they would work better as an after thought when you pull them out of the oil. I wasn’t about to sift through flour looking for the big handful of red pepper flakes I mixed in though, so make sure you haven’t mixed your mix up at this point.

My first bite was a total shock. Like I said, the salad was great but the bite I got from frying chayote was almost sweet and most definitely tender. I highly recommend frying chayote as an introduction to them and getting a feel for them in other dishes afterwards.


Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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