Raw Kohlrabi

What does kohlrabi taste like you ask? I have a simple test to figure out if you will like it.

  1. Do you like raw broccoli?
  2. Can you handle or even enjoy the taste of turnips?

Yes to either? Congratulations! You like kohlrabi!


Ok, so yes, this looks like disfigured broccoli, smells like turnips, but tastes great. I figured since I had such good luck with eating radish raw, I may as well try kohlrabi raw as well since that kept popping up in suggested ways to eat kohlrabi.

Kohlrabi is a slight pain to break down though in that you cut off the tops (which I did from the last post since the greens were too mangled to do anything with) and you want to break it down into quarters. Once you get them quartered you peel off the skin which is super tough though because a peeler won’t work too well and you’ll probably end up losing some skin off your fingers. I used a paring knife to trim them up and they look pretty boring to be honest.


It took one bite to see how tasty these were. They really do remind me of the stalks of broccoli, which are just as good as the tops. I was actually talking to someone the other day about craving some broccoli casserole. I wonder if this is a Southern thing or do other homes cook it on special occasions? Without giving too much of my mother’s recipe away, I know it involves crushed Cheez-Its on top of a broccoli onion mixture that just 100% reminds me of major holidays.

It just got me thinking that I wonder what a kohlrabi casserole in the same vein would taste like. I need someone to make one and deliver it please. Thank you.


Raw kohlrabi is made for snacking in my opinion. I cut it up in several different ways, but I really dig the chunks I could dip in some hummus. I want to see about maybe throwing the spiralized version in a stir fry or maybe a cole slaw because I bet it would be to die for.

I’m sorry, why are you still reading this? Go try some kohlrabi because you will be surprised at the taste no matter what you expect.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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