Kohlrabi Conclusion

A little update on my getting-Robby-to-try-something-new mission.

He tried kohlrabi.

His exact review was, “It does taste like broccoli.”

The end.

I am just glad he tried it honestly, it is a really nice thing to at least give things a chance and even though I had to talk him into it, he tried it. That is basically all I am asking of you all is to just give something a chance. There are so many things besides fruits or vegetables that you can try at least once, and making assumptions about them before giving them a chance can be the absolute worst thing.


With all that inspirational talk I have to say that as much as I love kolhrabi, I may not buy it again until I find it at a cheaper price. I keep mentioning that it reminds me of a combination of broccoli and radish, and that alone should make it a bargain to get something two for one, but it just doesn’t work that way.

However, to return to the intro of this post, try it. Try it once. Buy one bundle and treat yourself to something new and good for you.


I’m going to talk about this blog in general for a bit, so just a heads up for you hardcore kohlrabi fans. We are approaching week 33 which is still baffling me as to how I’ve kept this going for so long, and I am so happy I have had you all following this journey.

Starting tomorrow though I’m going to try and start doing things a little bit different. Nothing too huge, but I want to give you all better posts and more pictures. Our world is focused more on looks than on content unfortunately, but you’re still going to get the good stuff.

However, it has been easy titling my posts with very basic names and what not but I am going to exercise some creative license from here on and give them snappier titles. The format will still be a new fruit or vegetable each week, but I think you’ll find more interesting tidbits in each post.


Let’s get one thing straight though, I have been doing this on the side since January 1st though and my full time job will always come first.

Hold everything real quick, I just now noticed the photo above looks like it has a little bug on one of the slices but I just want to clarify that it is actually just some dirt from before I peeled the slices. I may not have rinsed the cutting board well enough. Just letting you know you’re not getting food tips from a nasty kitchen.

Anyway, I am going to invite you more into my life, my kitchen, fridge and oven and sometimes the trash. I want to be honest with you all no matter what so I’m not going to go on and on about something I’ve made like it’s better than eating a warm brownie when it tastes like dirt. That is probably my biggest pet peeve on blogs when people swear up and down this dish is better than the last, but it isn’t. A kale salad does not overpower caramel brownies picture perfect Patricia. (Hopefully a blogger named Patricia doesn’t read this and take offense, please know that I don’t know the names of other bloggers other than their blog names).

You are going to get real accounts here. This isn’t some perfectly portioned cooking video, as aesthetically pleasing as they are, but how to prep and cook in a real kitchen.


Allow me to re-introduce myself if you will. My name is Olivia and this is my second blog. I actually used to eat hot dogs all the time and write about them. I had to stop due to the fact that eating hot dogs all the time is probably not the most healthy thing to do. I work in a grocery store, but I must say that I am not speaking as a representative of this mystery store, this blog is all me. I’m married to a man named Robby who likes to makes jokes like if my next vegetable is Kohl-Olivia. We have two dogs and they are perfect and precious and will accept no criticisms of them.

I am still all about trying new things. Whenever we go out to eat I always struggle to figure out what I want because I always want to try something new. If I notice there is something nobody else is getting I always like to investigate it first because everything deserves a chance.

I consider myself an average cook. I don’t believe there are many original recipe ideas left especially in this age of internet and constant access to information. I used to be a Pinterest addict and on vacations I love to check out different grocery stores to see if they have anything new and interesting. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m actually a pretty laid back person who just likes to read and talk about food.

Thank you for the past 32 weeks, now let’s go experience new things for 20 more and then some.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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