I must say that it has been so nice to have time and (some) money to use on whatever. I’m not having to make frantic trips to far off supermarkets or ordering crazy things and paying more for shipping than for product. I don’t have to spend all day over a stove hoping the vegetable I just carved up will taste good and that I’m not wasting ingredients and time to just say it sucks.

But I have not been trying new things.

Listen, 2018 was a blast and I loved trying everything. Even if it tasted like rotting onion garbage, I truly enjoyed the time chopping, cooking and exploring. The main reason I decided not to continue into 2019 with more fruits and veggies is because my bank account wouldn’t allow it.

However, I miss trying new things, and I want to start sharing new things with y’all again.

This is the new Try52. I will try something new every week, some and most might be food, but I want to try other things too that you don’t cook and eat. There are some things I want to try because I’ve never done them, that they are out of my comfort zone or I just never got around to doing. I want to create, destroy, travel and consume just like every other human in this world and I want to share it with you all.

Please understand that not every week will be these huge events, in fact there are a ton of small basic things I don’t do but would like to see what it is like. I’m not asking for you all buy anything from me or donate to a page, this is for me. What will be new to me might not be new to you, but I hope you can gain some enjoyment from my experiences.

This is just the short re-introduction to Try52 and I thank you all for staying tuned thus far, welcome the newbies, and I can’t wait to start trying things with y’all. Hope you get out there too and try something new.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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