First Day of Meditation

I am typing this literally five minutes after trying meditation for the first time because I can’t believe how nice I feel.

I’m hoping I did it right, I imagine that if I got too comfortable and did it for too long I would be sleepy, but I feel really refreshed and also just ridiculously at ease.

Preparing for it felt more like work than the actual meditation. I took a shower because I hate feeling gross and made sure I picked clothes I’m comfortable in.

Who knew the Predators would held me ease into a state of rest.

My best play was to make sure I ate lunch since I focus on food and eating entirely too much and knew my mind would wander the second I heard a stomach grumble.

My dogs are super curious little pups so if I started sitting on the floor they would swarm me so I sat there for a bit so they could get used to me and not bother me while I’m trying to focus. That worked like a charm and they eventually went and plopped down on our bed.

Finally, the thing I was most worried about was my posture. I looked up if it would be possible to meditate in a beach chair since it is so comfortable but I got the impression that I needed to maintain a straight spine and put some effort into sitting, which sounds weird. Otherwise, if you’re looking for comfort you may as well just lay down and take a nap and I know I can do that even if fireworks were going off around me. The most helpful tidbit I found was to place your tongue on the roof of your mouth because it helps relax your jaw and I keep it pretty tense which I believe leads to headaches on particularly stressful days.

I took a little throw pillow off the the couch and sat on it to elevate my hips to some degree above where my feet would be placed. You have to be sure you keep your spine straight, “like an arrow”, and your shoulders slightly back. I laced my fingers together in my lap fairly loosely, but I think I did that because I’ve seen it done on television. I gave myself a minute or two to become comfortable so I wouldn’t fidget and set a timer for six minutes.

It was fairly difficult at first to keep focus on one thing. I read that for beginners it is best to just focus on your breathing and imagine your exhale and inhale to be a lotus flower opening and closing. I kept imagining a super bloody flower inside my guts though so I changed it to winds going through the trees.

I got distracted maybe two or three times but went right back to the wind in the trees. Someone was mowing their lawn somewhere and I could hear it going back and forth and then something made the dogs perk up and growl a little bit.

My posture at times felt like it needed readjusting so I would do that as quick as I could and refocused. The visualization thing really helped me focus on keeping my mind clear. I didn’t dwell on my job, money or any other stress inducing things, I just kept thinking about trees. This might sound so lame but I don’t care.

When the timer went off I was truly surprised it was done. My body felt loose and relaxed and I liked it so much I set the timer again and did it for six more minutes.

One slightly disappointing thing was that my heart rate when I snapped out of it the first time was 79 and the second time was 82. I was slightly hoping it would dip, but I think the alarm on my phone slightly startled me so I may do a different alarm tomorrow.

I am actually pretty excited to do this again tomorrow! I felt so refreshed afterwards that I was genuinely surprised I felt anything at all. If the weather is nice I would like to to try to do it outdoors but my weather app is saying thunderstorms so we shall see.

So far I am also grateful for water, warm sunshine on a windy day and dogs who have soft fur. I have “My Favorite Things” in my head too so there is that.

Author: Olivia O.

East Tennessee native with an interest in food and trying new things.

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